Losing Confidence

There are many reasons why technology can be inconsistent or delayed.


Gain trust in data & tech.

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No Innovation

Why get stuck with old and cumbersome tech.



Create and Scale

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Costly or Unpredictable

When technology expenditures become unreasonable and don't fuel revenue.


Right size and streamline budget.

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IT360 by Sal Kohgadai

Sal has served as a hands-on CIO and CTO and has over 17 years of Technology experience.
Sal’s responsible for building client strategies and process that deliver a direct and measurable ROI.  From aggregating data to uncovering and interpreting actionable intelligence, Sal leverages technology to substantiate growth initiatives.
Sal has spent his professional career making technology fluid, practical and enjoyable to internal and external customers enabling smart growth and incredible economic benefits.  Due to Sal’s analytical abilities and collaborative leadership style, he’s delivered software 53% faster, steadied system uptime from 87% to 99.99%, increased productivity by 31%, and achieved an error reduction of 77% while deploying products.
Sal is an adventurer who enjoys hiking with friends, cycling, personal development, traveling, art and speaking in different languages.


Next Steps...

If you're having challenges with Tech, let's talk.  Whether I can provide you with direct results or not, I can help you identify what's missing to achieve an ideal outcome.