Here’s What Happens When You Empower Your Employees

One of my employees showed an ability to lead and coach other people on our team. Susan is reliable, has great work ethics and often times is the first to initiate conversation on issues that we may encounter ahead of time.  Seeing this potential prompted me to recommend her for a management role.  I needed to ensure that she would be successful in this likely role and that I was capable of turning a performer into a manager that can instill their craft into others in order to make the team successful.

The making of a new Manager:
After open discussions with HR and some preparations, my new manager-in-the-making took on facilitating our weekly team meeting for the first time. She was nervous in the beginning.  Missed mentioning several items such as failure & success recaps but overall Susan was able to engage everyone and communicate the agenda.   What I did next ensured that I had the right person for the job:

  1. Met with Susan after the meeting and had her evaluate herself
  2. Gave her feedback on content, timing, and interaction
  3. Steered her to approaches that could potentially benefit her style
  4. Prompted her to plan, do, check, act (PDCA cycle)

A new leader is born:
By providing guidance when needed as well as allowing expression of personal leadership style, I ensured that Susan can be continuously successful in her new role.  She took on her new managerial role and not before long showed an ability to manage the department.

Capital gains:
Susan not only succeeded in her role but helped others improve as well. Productivity went up 23% which increased output and saved the company $44,000/yr in additional labor cost.

Make you sweat:
The greatest stories are when one faces a big obstacle and is able to succeed despite of it.  There are ups and downs.  There are war stories.  I share my successes and how to overcome the tough times because it takes effort to get anywhere worthwhile. It is a challenge to take on big goals.

When others succeed, I succeed:

Winning on my own, just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as winning together.  I don’t want to, nor can I truly accomplish big goals by myself. There have been plenty of people that have helped me reach my goals and I’m successful because of them.  Service and helping others is part of what makes me get up in the morning because success amplifies when shared with others.

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